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Very Informative and Relatable

Shatanyaer E Pitt

I really enjoyed this particular course. Kat's approach to teaching is very relatable and informative. The information in the course is presented in a way th...

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I really enjoyed this particular course. Kat's approach to teaching is very relatable and informative. The information in the course is presented in a way that is easy to understand. It is interactive in a way that allows for you to apply the information to your own life. Which is very important to me. Because I am a hands-on learner. I love that the verbiage that Kat uses in the course is plain speak. But, there are wonderful scientific facts (some with actual links to references) that you can if you want go and research on your own. This is a great attribute of this course. Also, the areas where there are personal stories shared and the lesson that was learned from them was a nice touch. It was, warm and relatable. Real and wise. Overall, this is an amazing investment that I am very happy I made in my personal growth. I highly recommend this course.

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Course Curriculum

Take a sneak peek at the program format!

    1. Course Outline

    2. Welcome! (Audio/Text)

    3. Meet Your Coach, Kat J Toler!

    4. PreWork Checklist

    5. Before We Get Started (Audio/Text)

    6. Planning For Success (Worksheet)

    7. Habit Checklist

    8. Journal Page Templates for Printing

    1. Frequently Asked Questions (Audio/Text)

    2. Mindset Assessment

    3. Thoughts Create Emotions (Audio/Text)

    4. Reminders & Success Tips!!

    5. Intro Module Survey

    1. Present Moment Awareness (Audio/Text)

    2. Present Moment Process - Mindfulness Activity (Audio/Text)

    3. Identifying Underlying Thoughts (Audio/Text)

    4. Identifying Underlying Thoughts Worksheet

    5. Journaling and Worksheets (Audio/Text)

    6. Reminders and Success Tips

    7. Module 01 Survey

    1. A Crash Course in Emotions (Audio/Text)

    2. Understanding and Recognizing Your Emotions (Audio/Text)

    3. The Emotional Scale (Audio/Text)

    4. Climbing the Emotional Ladder Worksheet

    5. Journaling and Practicing Emotional Awareness (Audio/Text)

    6. Reminders and Success Tips

    7. Module 02 Survey

    1. Identifying Triggers (Audio/Text)

    2. Removing Cues and Triggers (Audio/Text)

    3. Positive Trigger Phrases (Audio/Text)

    4. Positive Trigger Phrases Worksheet

    5. Journal About Triggers (Audio/Text)

    6. Reminders and Success Tips

    7. Module 03 Survey

    1. Personal Experience (Audio) - OPTIONAL

    2. Quality Vs. Safe Problems (Audio/Text)

    3. Pain and Pleasure Principle (Audio/Text)

    4. Pain and Pleasure Principle Worksheet

    5. Stopping Negative Emotions Using the 5 Second Rule (Audio/Text)

    6. Getting in a Flow State (Audio/Text)

    7. Reminders and Success Tips

    8. Module 04 Survey

About this course

  • $222.00
  • 103 lessons
  • Community Support
  • Self-paced
  • Optional personal coaching calls


Meet Your Coach!

Master Life Coach Kathleen Toler

My name is Kat J Toler and I'm a Master Life Coach with specializations in emotional intelligence and relationship coaching. I'm an author of four published anthologies, which are available on Amazon. My highest interest is neuropsychology and my deepest passion is helping people exist as their most authentic selves. I look forward to working with you!


Read on to learn about the transformative experience you will have through this coaching program!

Many of us weren't taught about our emotions growing up. Because of this, inaccurate emotional information has been picked up as we've explored society as adults which has resulted in FALSE BELIEFS that keep us from thriving in a balanced state.

Are you ready to question your belief systems, live in your truth, and find balance through controlling your thoughts and emotions?
Through our work together, you will learn to:

  1. OWN YOUR OWN TRUTH so that you can operate in purpose, integrity, honesty, and authenticity without seeking acceptance or validation.

  2. Process past experiences to make sense of current patterns and circumstances.

  3. Deal with stress, low self-esteem, self-judgment, guilt, self-doubt, fear, and self-sabotage by developing confidence, certainty, hope, joy, empathy, and understanding.

  4. Be aware of the shifts in your own emotional state so that you are able to manage your responses to others appropriately by developing your capacity to actively listen and effectively communicate.

  5. Set and enforce healthy boundaries while maintaining autonomy and individuality in your relationships.

  6. Uncover, manage and resolve underlying mental and emotional triggers.

  7. Identify and understand emotions as well as how to move from one emotional state to another to stop the momentum of spiraling out of control and decrease an emotion's intensity in tense situations.

My coaching process uncovers and addresses your limiting beliefs by expanding your idea of what's possible, changing the way you see your own potential, and opening your mind to be able to affirm agreement with the outcome you desire for your life.

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My mission is to teach you how to release suffering and develop a mindset that fosters peace. I am here to help you FIND your joy and confidence and ultimately to LOVE your authentic self...

I invite you to experience this shift!